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The Conference

The “VIII Coimbra International Conference on Human Rights: a transdisciplinary approach”, once again, invites the entire academic community to a moment of reflection and debate about different and relevant socio-legal issues found within the scope of Human Rights. The purpose of this international academic event is to promote, according to its thematic proposition, the construction of ideas and the development of scientific theories from a multidisciplinary and critical perspective of the social and legal sciences.

Our invitation is for all students and professionals of the legal and social sciences, interested in these themes, to participate in this VIII Coimbra International Conference on Human Rights, on the October 10th, 11th and 12th. It will be up to the participants of this academic event justify the new times of legal and social sciences by creating, defining, sustaining and believing in societies that move towards overcoming practices that violate human rights, with the objective of producing a truly fair and solidary society.

Public Notices and Calls

Calls for the VIII Coimbra International Conference on Human Rights (for submission of proposals for thematic symposia and application for their coordination, submission of abstracts, competition for registration grants and others that may be necessary) will always be made through public notices, whose must be accessed on this page.

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