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Annals of Abstracts and Publications of Full Articles

Works submitted in the form of abstracts will be published on the OJS (Open Journal Systems) platform as of the 6th edition (2021). Until then, the abstracts were published on an electronic platform developed specifically for the Coimbra International Cinference on Human Rights. The OJS platform is internationally used for academic publications, which is why the Organizing Committee opted for the change. Soon, the entire collection of proceedings will be migrated to the OJS platform, unifying access to the proceedings of abstracts. All editions of proceedings are indexed by the Brazilian Center of the ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) of the Brazilian Institute of Information in Science and Technology (IBICT) through the ISSN code 2595-2773.

It is also important to highlight that since the 4th edition of the Coimbra International Cinference on Human Rights (2019) the full articles sent by the authors who choose to develop the theme of their abstracts have been published, after the presentations and debates that took place. take place during the Conference, in the respective Thematic Symposia. Publications are made in electronic book format organized by Editoras Brasílica, Fibra and Edições Brasil, responsible for registering and obtaining the ISBN code of each edition.

Finally, given the important desire to give visibility to the themes of the thematic symposia, the Organizing Committee of the Conference, with the support of Editoras Brasílica and Edições Brasil, published an electronic book composed of articles written by the coordinators of the thematic symposia of the event of 2021 (VI Coimbra International Cinference on Human Rights). It is a valuable collection made up of the production of renowned researchers in the human sciences from various locations around the world.

Access to all this vast production is given by the links below:
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eBook with articles by the coordinators of the Thematic Symposia of the VI CIDHCoimbra (2021)

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