Abstracts must be submitted through the Open Journal Systems (OJS) application, which can be accessed via the button below. In case of co-authorship, the Abstract must be submitted only by the main author , who, in the submission procedure itself, must indicate the co-author. The following rules must be observed, without prejudice to the other specifications of the abstracts call notice :

a) The Title of the Abstract must be written in capital letters;

b) The Body of the Abstract must contain a minimum of 300 and a maximum of 500 words;

c) The Abstract must contain: the object of the research, the justification of the thematic relevance, the objectives, the methodology used in carrying out the research, the initial hypotheses, and the final or partial results obtained (if any);

d) After the Body of the Abstract, 3 to 5 keywords must be indicated, in capital letters, separated by a semicolon;

e) The Abstract must be presented in one of the languages accepted by the Thematic Symposium chosen by the author(s);


To comply with the submission procedure, the abstract author who has not yet registered on the OJS platform for submission of work in previous editions of the Congress must carry out all the steps described below , while the author who has already registered in previous editions of the Congress must use the same login and perform the steps described from item “b)” below:

a) Access the OJS platform through the Conference website and register the required data: name; Institution of affiliation, if any; Country of Residence; predominant professional performance; email; username and password (optional data, such as the "author biography" may be filled in at any time, as they do not influence the analysis and processing of the works, but must be filled in at the time of initial registration to that can be published together with the Abstracts, in the Annals of the Conference);

b) Access the submission environment through the link “Do a new submission”;

c) follow the steps described in the submission environment:

STEP 1: Start:

- Indicate the Thematic Symposium (Section) to which the Abstract will be submitted;

- Declare that the Abstract is original and unpublished;

- Declare that the rules of this Notice have been observed;

- Declare agreement with the privacy policy;

- Filling in the “Comments for the editor” field is optional and should only be used in case of need or clarification to be made by the author.

STEP 2: Transfer of the Abstract File:

- Upload the file with the Abstract in Word format (under the terms of number 10.2), clicking on “Send file” and, after the complete transfer, on the “Save and continue” button.

STEP 3: Insert metadata:

- Mandatory insert the main title (if there is a subtitle, it must be inserted in the proper field indicated by the platform); the abstract (minimum of 300 and maximum of 500 words); and keywords (between 3 and 5 keywords), without the need to use a semicolon (just press the Enter key after entering each word);

- In this step, the author may additionally indicate the funding agency(ies) that financed the research and, in the case of co-authorship, must indicate the name and data of the co-author. -author|a.


STEP 4: Confirmation:

- Finish the submission by clicking on the indicated button.